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Practical On-Road Driving Lessons in West Kelowna

Westside Driving School provides on-road driving lessons in West Kelowna. To develop all of your driving skills and techniques, our instructor will walk you through a driving pre-test that will help you do well on your road test. You will receive background information about different maneuvers and rules that you can apply effectively on the road. We walk you through all the necessary information, so you have plenty of chances to learn and improve.

And to demonstrate what you've learned, our instructor will accompany you for your driving lessons in the city, on the highway and in various driving conditions.

Please call us for more information regarding the driving lessons in West Kelowna.

On-Road Sessions

Our on-road sessions include:

Driving lessons in West Kelowna – Classes 7 and 5.

Bonded ICBC-approved licensed instructor that previously instructed in New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, White Rock and Langley.

Our vehicles are automatic transmission Honda Fit.

Single or package lessons are available.

RoadSense for Drivers and Tuning Up for Drivers Guide as text.
Hand out materials and support information.
Classes 7 and 5 road test preparation.
Running car on road

Important Information

The following is some important information:

Road tests and driver’s license fees are extra.

Refund policy – balance refunded within 30 days of license expiration.

Avoid sudden surprises! Any money owed to the Province of British Columbia or ICBC (fines, driver premium points, etc.) must be paid before the drive. The service centre will continue doing business with you.

Any cancellation must be called 24 hours in advance, or cancellation fees will apply (with exceptions depending on the reason).

All courses must be completed in a limited time.

Individual Lessons Available

The following are our lessons:

2-hour lesson
Road test preparation
6-hour package

This on-road training package can be used beginning drivers or for drivers nearing their road test.

12-hour package
This package is similar to the 6-hour package but also includes hazard avoidance maneuvers.


Driving lessons are between 110-120 minutes long with a 5-10 minute debriefing. Hours are flexible and vary according to practice.

Kick-Start Your On-Road Driving Lessons in West Kelowna Today

Looking for a trustworthy driving school in West Kelowna? Head to Westside Driving School.

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