Graduated Licensing Program

The Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is a practical curriculum grounded in sound educational practices. The GLP is designed to integrate in-home, in-class and in-car learning in a gradual process of knowledge, skill and attitude.

Westside Driving School's approved course includes 18 hours of in-class training and 14 hours of on-road training. Students who successfully complete the course earn a Declaration of Completion that earns them two credits for high school and reduces the waiting time for a Class 5 license by six months.

Throughout this program students will learn the following seven goals as required by ICBC:

  1. Risk avoidance
  2. Driver psychology
  3. Social responsibilities
  4. Legal responsibilities
  5. Safe driving
  6. Vehicle performance
  7. Motor skills

Completion Standards

  • There are 39 competencies of which 87 percent must be performed satisfactorily in order to successfully complete the GLP approved course. These competencies are divided into 2 parts: beginning competencies and exit competencies.
  • 100 percent (14 out of 14) of the beginning competencies must be satisfactorily completed.
  • 80 percent (20 out of 25) of the exit competencies must be satisfactorily completed before a student can be issued a Declaration of Completion.
  • All classroom sessions must be completed.
  • Students must complete 48 hours of driving with a co-driver.
  • Any cancellations must be called in 24 hours in advance or cancellation fees will apply (with exception dependent on the reason).
  • You must bring your workbook to classroom and in-car sessions.
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